YouTube Is Not a Thread to the Entertainment Industry


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YouTube Is Not a Thread to the Entertainment Industry
“YouTube has catapulted into prominence as the site upon which to watch videos, with tens of thousands of uploads and millions of viewers each month” (Halbert 933). YouTube allows people to share videos with family and friends, but sometimes users infringe upon copyright materials. A hot debate between users, YouTube, Viacom, the entertainment industry, and others continues to be pursued in the court system with some people saying YouTube has infringed upon these copyrights. One company, Viacom, has a lawsuit against YouTube, while others believe that YouTube and different users of YouTube should have more freedom to put videos on the site as a way of expressing creativity (Shields 9)....
The end:
.....broken. New copyright laws are needed to protect user-generated creators so they can post their work on You-Tube and other social networks without worrying about their freedom of expression being violated. YouTube is not a threat to the entertainment industry because it actually helps the entertainment industry by advertising different music, videos, and movies. 
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