Your Turn: Why the US Should Legalize Same-Sex Unions


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Your Turn: Why the US Should Legalize Same-Sex Unions
Struggles for civil rights seem to be an essential part of the history of any group seeking greater rights and recognition. These groups can be recognized on the basis of their politics, race, religion, and sexual orientation, and many other ways as well. An example of a civil rights struggle currently in the public’s sight is the legalization of gay marriage in the United States. In this instance, the US would do well to follow Canada’s example of the 2005 Civil Marriage Act and give national approval to same-sex unions. The US should nationally legalize same-sex marriage (SSM) for three reasons: because of its potential economic benefits; because it fits with historical and existing...
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.....en rapidly becoming a much more diverse population. These changes will hopefully afford an excellent opportunity to make lasting, positive social changes in many areas of civil rights. As such, it is a perfect time for the US to act on legalizing SSM. The tremendous potential economic benefits the change offers come at a perfect time for an America in economic distress. Recognizing SSM is also consistent with America’s past and present judicial decisions, policies, and frameworks. Furthermore, it is an excellent chance for America to demonstrate that it is indeed a nation of progressive thinkers, and a champion of rights for groups and people in need. The timing is perfect, and the reasons are sound, for American legislators to embrace SSM.