Yoga in the PE Classroom


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Yoga in the PE Classroom
Yoga is a form of spiritual discipline that has recently gained prominence in America as a method of physical fitness. Utilized for centuries in the sub-continent, the physical benefits that Yoga provides exists side by side other popular forms of exercise in the regimen of physical fitness. In a comprehensive exploration of Benjamin Bloom’s (1956) three domains of learning placed within an historical context of diverse systems that forged current physical fitness practices, a greater understanding of the importance of Yoga in the curriculum of physical fitness can be gained. This context effectively demonstrates how Yoga can contribute to the development...
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.....oga. Dio Lewis’s system does not apply direct connection to yoga, as it attempts to develop social skills through PE. Yoga does not overtly address these areas, but could potentially share this value based on collective activity of a class of yoga students.
Yoga is a very practical and effective physical activity for the contemporary PE classroom. Its ability to connect to Bloom’s three domains as well as its connection to the historical background of the PE classroom demonstrates its validity, and its importance for inclusion in the complete curriculum of the PE classroom.
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