Yearly Weather Cycle in Southern California


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Yearly Weather Cycle in Southern California
The yearly weather cycle specific to southern california is, like all areas, very complex and determined by a number of factors. Weather, in fact, refers to the specific atmospheric environment at a given time, while climate refers to the “average condition of weather over a number of decades” ( Given the complex geography of any specific area, like Los Angeles for instance, is actually comprised of a number of micro-climates for each specific area. While specific areas may only be divided by a handful of miles, there can be a dramatic difference in the weather and climate. Anyone who is familiar with the area surely knows that the climate for downtown Los Angeles and that...
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.....sally wet winter that we had this year will be followed by an unusually dry winter next year. The air pressure will likely be much lower than this years as well, as that is another factor in the ENSO climate cycle. These are some of the basic variations in southern california’s climate cycle. For the most part, we experience mild winters and dry summers.
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