WTO and Development: The Way Forward


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The beginning:
WTO and Development: The Way Forward
The following discussion provides a focus on the future of the global trading system. Specific questions/topics addressed concern the following: 1) the impact of the global trading system on developing countries, 2) whether international trade rules and institutions should change, and 3) whether "fair trade" is an alternative.
The Impact of the Global Trading System on Developing Countries
The economic and trade policies of the World Trade Organization (WTO) are problematic. The global model has resulted not in farmers growing food for local consumption. It has resulted in large corporations producing everything for global markets (Shrybman 42). And this means greater consumption of energy and fossil...
The end:
.....n, it is derived from the fact that today we enjoy greater knowledge and awareness about the negative impacts of WTO trade policies. Perhaps this will lead to the types of changes the world needs in order to promote economic and social justice for all.
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