World Religions


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World Religions
Judaism is the oldest of the three major monotheistic religions (the others are Islam and Christianity). It dates back to the patriarch of the religion, Abraham, who is said to have lived in approximately 2,000 BCE (Before Common Era) in the land that is today known as Israel or Palestine (Taliaferro 2-3). Abraham had two children, Isaac and Ishmael, who would become the ancestors of the Jews and Muslims, respectively. Even though Judaism was begun through the male line, conventionally one is only born as a Jew if one’s mother is Jewish – it is a matrilineal religion.
The Torah, or Hebrew Bible, is the main sacred text. There are several supplemental books that give instructions on the laws laid out by the Torah...
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.....e should live one’s life through mutual respect, or reciprocity; essentially the idea that one must treat others how one wants to be treated. Ritual refers to the basic events of one’s everyday life; they should be created so that they can be conducted to produce a happy, healthy individual and society. The rites performed during rituals should be internally monitored, rather than disciplined through an outside force. They are measured through a standard of adherence based on social norms. Morality and personal relationships are stressed in Confucianism; they form the basic core of the mutual respect that is central to Confucian beliefs.
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