World religions: Comparing and Contrasting Buddhism and Sikhism


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The beginning:
World religions: Comparing and Contrasting Buddhism and Sikhism
The following paper compares and contrasts Buddhism and Sikhism. The paper offers a brief historical review, delves into the sacred writings of each and considers the core beliefs of each. What we learn from the available literature is that Buddhism has an older history than Sikhism and the former has been spared much of the brutal persecution endured by the latter; we can also note that the teachings of Buddhism seem more diffuse in that you have the sprawling
Canon and the Mahayana Sutras whereas Sikhism’s canon is concentrated simply in the sacred
. Finally, it may be said that the Buddhists are less interested in God and in the nature of God than are Sikhs, who...
The end:
.....hat the Buddhists are disinterested in God, per se, and more interested in personal growth. Both of the faiths, though, appear to believe in non-violence and in introspection.
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