World Languages Locally: Portuguese Culture in Fall River, MA


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The beginning:
World Languages Locally: Portuguese Culture in Fall River, MA
This paper looks at Portuguese culture in Fall River, Massachusetts. The paper explores the impression one has of Fall River; what community centers, programs, restaurants, and stores promote the usage of the language; any celebrations that unite the community around the Portuguese language and culture; why preservation of the Portuguese language is important for the community; the challenges the Portuguese community in the community faces; and what strategies exist to ensure that community leaders can preserve their language and culture whilst helping community members adjust to, and integrate into, the mainstream culture? When all is said and done, Portuguese culture in Fall...
The end:
.....ts into the mainstream of America. The city appears to be a good example of how people of varying cultures can come together fruitfully and how a strong minority group can remain faithful to itself whilst still being American.
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