Workers Rights and OSHA


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Workers Rights and OSHA
The history of worker’s rights in the United States is a long and storied one. Worker’s rights, often times referred to as the history of labor law or labor rights, have been a slow development, becoming more and more sophisticated and all-encompassing over the past two centuries. A relatively recent development of this movement was the establishment of the Occupational Safety and Health administration, which came into existence in the early 1970’s after congress passed the Occupation Safety and Health Act. This essay will trace the early origins of the worker’s rights movement in the United States through to our current moment. Special attention will be paid to the effects and influence that the Occupational Safety...
The end:
.....y practices, and the creation of safe work environments, worker’s rights have grown by leaps and bound throughout the past century in this country. One can only hope that they will continue to grow and become even more comprehensive in the future.
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