Work and Family Balance – Theoretical Constructs and Managing Issues


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Work and Family Balance – Theoretical Constructs and Managing Issues
The following paper explores the issue of work and family balance in our frenetic contemporary age. The paper offers a summary of the major theoretical issues in the realm of work and family balance; the paper particularly looks at statistics suggesting the severity of the problem and where resolutions can be achieved. Additionally, the paper cites principles and models from our course work that pertain to the development of unhealthy workplaces insofar as they, too, can illuminate where we can make positive changes. The paper subsequently looks at how such issues (stress, a lack of appropriate work and life balance) can be managed within workplaces in...
The end: and giving people a healthy work-life balance; this innovation can then be utilized above all others and prioritized above all others. Finally, it would be interesting to assess how the work-life balances of men have changed over time since so much attention has been made to the needs of women and so little attention paid to the needs of professional men over the past several decades.
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