Withdrawing an Intervention for a Special Education Student


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The beginning:
Withdrawing an Intervention for a Special Education Student
The following report provides a discussion with a hypothetical teacher about how to withdraw an intervention for a child I have been observing. A narrative is presented based on everything that could be observed for this child. This includes what the classroom was like environmentally, what behaviors the child consistently demonstrated, and what issue(s) continued to be of concern in the classroom to both the teaching staff and me the observer. Projections are also included concerning what the teacher and I have discussed for the future behavior management of this child.
Observations of the Environment
The learning environment of the observations was a third grade inclusion...
The end:
.....ing and rewarding for teachers like Mrs. Salois. Cueing systems can be effective in helping a student learn to control inappropriate behaviors. But ultimately students like Olivia need to become responsible for their self-monitoring and self-regulating their own behaviors. This helps students like Olivia learn to take control of their own lives and not be dependent on others. In other words, it supports the principle of self-determination with respect to future outcomes. And this is the greatest gift that a teacher can give any student.
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