Windshield Survey of the Emerald Hills Community, Hollywood, Florida


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Windshield Survey of the Emerald Hills Community, Hollywood, Florida
Community health assessment involves the assessment of the health needs of a community by collecting data, analyzing the data to determine the strengths and identifying the problems within the community as stated by Carroll (2004). According to Carroll (2004) the dimensions included in a community health assessment include its status structure and process. A common method of performing a community health assessment is the windshield survey where the data is obtained from observation of the community from a distance without interview or any form of dialogue. A windshield survey reveals common characteristics about the way people live, the location of the community in which...
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..... and religious organizations provides the social support that reduces stress levels in this community.Based on the windshield survey this community has the financial resources to provide quality healthcare to the residents. The presence of recreational facilities such as parks, lakes, canals and fishing areas to support the hobbies of the residents and promote and active lifestyle is evidence of the financial resources of the municipality. The friendly and relaxed attitude of the residents provides evidence that there is little to no violent crime in this community and the residents can participate in outdoor activities safely.
Carroll, P.( 2004). Community health nursing: a practical guide. Clifton Park, NJ: Delmar Publications.