Willie Stark in Perspective


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LIT 123
4 June 2010
Willie Stark in Perspective
Willie Stark is an example of a person who transformed himself from a relatively ineffectual man to a powerful politician. During the time that Willie was Mason County Treasurer, he was involved in a controversy regarding a building contract for a new school. Willie had insisted that the bid be given to the lowest bidder, but this approach ended up failing and cost him his job as he was no re-elected. However, his understanding of backroom deals had reached its tipping point as the head of the city council had awarded the building contract to a business partner of one of his relatives. Willie knew that future political dealings...
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.....the senselessness of greedy, covetous, and emotionally unstable behavior. Jack was fairly lucky in that he largely escaped the types of negative repercussions that others did in the story. Yet, his suffering was also part of the tale. However, Jack suffered to a great extent because of his own behavioral shortcomings. He did not see past his own involvement with someone as volatile as Willie. Jack must have been addicted to the adventure and dynamic nature of the existence “riding shotgun” in the power mechanism which defined the political life of Willie. Yet, there is always a price to pay for such excesses and Jack had a number of regrets upon passing.
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