William Faulkner and Pearl Buck


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William Faulkner and Pearl Buck
Pearl Sydenstricker was born in Hillsboro, West Virginia, on 26 June 1892 to Absalom and Caroline Stulting Sydenstricker who were missionaries. She was 1 of 5 children. Though she was born in West Virginia, her parents moved to Chinkiang on the Yangtze River in China at age three months were she would remain until she was seventeen. William Faulkner was born just a few years later in 1897 in Mississippi. His father, became the business manager at the University of Mississippi in Oxford business manager.
As a child, buck was bilingual and had a deep understanding of Chinese customs but “had almost no conception of American life until the summer of 1901.” (Shuman 210). Faulkner’s child was about stories. “As a...
The end:
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