Why US Citizens Should Continue Giving to Other Countries When Disasters Occur


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Why US Citizens Should Continue Giving to Other Countries When Disasters Occur – A Marketing Promotion
US citizens should continue giving to other countries when disasters occur – but it is also clear that understandable arguments can be raised against doing so. The next several pages will, via the creation of a marketing promotion, look at both sides of the argument and begin first by looking at the case for not giving to other countries. For one thing, America is facing some difficult times ahead economically as it tries to reign in its huge federal deficit. At the same time, the United States is a nation in which household debt and personal debt is very high – too high, it seems, for giving money to other people. As well, many argue...
The end:
.....se recovering from disasters abroad; if America shows itself well, it will build up a store of good will that can make its own security much easier to manage.
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