Why the US and UN Failed to Intervene in Liberia’s Civil War


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Why the US and UN Failed to Intervene in Liberia's Civil War
This paper shall look at the historical relationship between the United States and Liberia and try to understand why the US and United Nations failed to intervene during the African nation’s civil war.
No Internal Assistance for Liberia
Modern day Liberia was first founded as a colony in 1822 as a destination for freed slaves from the Americas. By 1847, thanks in part to the assistance from the American Colonization Society, these slaves gained statehood independence. These freed slaves and their descendants wielded much of the political and economic power in the country, which inevitably led to animosity from the indigenous Liberian tribes and spurred a genocidal...
The end:
.....ucture, crop areas and commercial communities were left devastated and will take decades to rebuild. The UN and US ought to be ashamed of their lack of humanity.
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