Why the Deep South Seceded in 1860-61


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The beginning:
Why the Deep South Seceded in 1860-61
The Civil War was one of the bloodiest periods in American history. For example, in The Enduring Vision Paul S. Boyer states,
One out of every five soldiers who fought in
the Civil War died in it. The 620,000
American soldiers killed between 1861 and
1865 nearly equaled the number of U.S.
soldiers killed in all other American Wars
Such a large, violent and divisive event needs to be studied intently to ensure that it never happens again. The most important part of these studies will focus on the conditions that resulted in the war.
The factor that ultimately started the War was the decision by the States of the Deep South to secede from the union in 1860-61. The secession started on December...
The end:
..... saw no option but to succeed from the Union.
In conclusion, the Deep South succeeded from the Union primarily for economic reasons. Their economy was based on the slavery. When this institution was threatened they opted to succeed from the Union instead of risking their livelihoods. Though many of their arguments appeared to be based on constitutional logic they were in fact based of economic rationales.
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