Why Should We Care if Art is Destroyed?


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The beginning:
Why Should We Care if Art is Destroyed?
Art is not about celebrity status or even beauty. Art is a depiction of the angst created in the artist over social issues that are expressed through artistic mediums. Civilization in all its nasty unhealthiness is shown in art in every country in the world. Art exhibits are a way of helping people understand the deeper meaning in their or someone else’s environment. Art at times may be offensive, but it never stops being a representation of what the artist saw when he/she looked at their environment. Art even when it is in the form of decadence and negativity has something positive to say about the growth of the environment in which it was created. The issue with art is that the viewer all too often...
The end:
.....l and global response to the looting in Iraq after Hussein’s regime fell was a demonstration at the emotional level signifying that art is more than material objects. The emotion attached to art is such that it links to not only the beating of the individual heart, but also that of the collective heart (“Treasure Returned to Iraq Museum”).
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