Why Renting is Better than Buying


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Why Renting is Better than Buying
What ensues is a rough draft of a final paper that explores the relative merits of renting as opposed to buying a home. The thesis remains the same: renting is better than buying because it provides renters with more flexibility; because it does not present the same costs as owning a home (maintenance costs and property taxes); and because it offers the sort of flexibility that many people may need in an uncertain economy. It should be added that this paper is not a process analysis essay because the writer is not endeavouring to explain how something works or how you can secure the best deal – but why one particular type of activity is preferable to another particular type of activity. However, there are...
The end:
.....ny Americans learned painfully when the housing market burst, owning a home can quickly mean that you are trapped in a nightmare from which there is no easy escape. Thus, home-owning should be viewed with scepticism by anyone whose future is unclear.
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