Why McDonald’s Has Been So Powerful For So Long


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The beginning:
Why McDonald’s Has Been So Powerful For So Long
General purpose
The general purpose of this paper is to reveal what factors enable McDonald’s to be the dominant global fast food chain year after year despite mounting competition.
Specific purpose
To argue that McDonald’s stands alone as a fast food chain chiefly because it embraces creativity and change by allowing talented franchisors at the local level to introduce new menu items or advertising approaches that are quickly spread throughout the entire system.
Delivery notes
Not clear what the client means by this term. The only delivery note this writer can think of is to be clear when speaking and to speak slowly
Content notes
Thesis is that McDonald’s is...
The end:
.....st in terms of the product selection) have been introduced by franchisors. At the end of the day, the company is as powerful as it is because it recognizes the value of hiring talented people and then letting them go ahead and try out new things.
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