Why I Wish to Enter Student Affairs in Higher Education


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Why I Wish to Enter Student Affairs in Higher Education
The most important reason why I would like to enter student affairs in higher education is to coordinate and manage students and facilitators to maximize educational improvement and development. Higher education offers the necessary experience and knowledge base in which I can develop skills that can make this vision possible. While I had studied many theories and strategies for advancing student/facilitator awareness in student affairs, higher education offers more interactive means in which I can gain practical application of these ideas in everyday operations. This type of combinatory experience and knowledge inspires core values in my desire to be the most effective morally and...
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.....sary tools they need to advance their own studies. I wish to contribute a broader vision of managerial skill sets and strategies that can help increase my knowledge at the higher levels, making it possible to for to help coordinate persons involved in providing services for students. In this manner, I wish to develop managerial skills that will increase my ability to find mediation between all parties involved in the educational process. Student affairs offer this important way in which I can learn managerial theory and the application of these theories to help facilitators and students work efficiently in successful educational goals. Management is my primary strength and this is how I would like to develop these kills in higher education.