Why Adidas Lost Market Share to Nike


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Why Adidas Lost Market Share to Nike
1. Do you think Adidas could have successfully blunted the charge of Nike? Why or why not?
Adidas should not have been caught flat-footed, but it is not obvious that Nike’s success could have been completely thwarted. The factors in Adidas’ favor: brand recognition and market leader; and a solid product development team. Key factors against Adidas: Relatively low entry barriers, and Nike had the head start in a type of shoe that resonated with consumers. Unknown factors: the ability of Adidas to change the supply chain quickly, and the
of the longevity of the running boom.
Brand recognition and market leader. Market share was for Adidas to lose. Adidas should have been able to recognize...
The end:
.....r decisions, had no obvious impact on the bottom line, there was no reason to institute changes.
Finally, what is to be made of Nike’s later success with “Air Jordan” shoes? Was it, and the signing of Michael Jordan, yet another “chance discovery” unrelated to powerful strategic planning? It is possible, but the greater likelihood is that Nike did its research and planning, and that it was that which was key to its success. Being lucky once, and able to capitalize on that luck may conceivably be a matter of chance; being lucky twice and able to capitalize a second time strongly suggests something more.
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