White Collar Crime versus Street Crime


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The beginning:
White Collar Crime versus Street Crime
This paper will examine why the treatment of white –
collar crimes and street crimes differs so significantly in the legal system. Using mostly theories of deviance and crime as well theories of social inequality the paper will argue that power derived from being socially and economically privileged also accounts in large part for why white -collar criminals are held less accountable for their deviant criminal actions then those who commit street crimes. Furthermore, most white - collar offenders belong to the “white - collar class” hence, the most powerful members of our society, usually privileged, educated, rich (or at least economically middle class) and usually white and viewed in a different...
The end:
.....usually carried out by those belonging to the lower social classes, while white - collar crime is committed by those belonging to the economically and socially middle and upper-class as well as by large corporations. As such, white-collar criminals have more resources, power and means to both avoid attentions and detention. Bibliography
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