When Lawyers are Necessary for One’s Business


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The beginning:
When Lawyers are Necessary for One’s Business
It is said that we in the U.S. are a litigious society. But, as more and more business is of a global variety, it is becoming more and more common to find it necessary to litigate differences, lack of payment, patent infringements, intellectual property damage, piracy and other ways someone’s business is hurt by the actions, or inactions of someone else. This is now true even if that “someone else” has a business operation thousands of miles from one’s own offices.
To get some insight into the use of lawyers and some of the reasons for that need, we arranged for a personal interview with David Chen, a top manager with the
Company. This company has offices both in Taiwan, mainland China...
The end:
.....some examples of your lawyers; services?
Chen: As I mentioned, we had to go to court to sue
and got them to sign a promissory note. But, due to their bankruptcy, we may now have to wait and see when and if they reorganize and go out of bankruptcy. Also, of course, international patent and copyright protection, so no one steals our designs.
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