When Justice and Equality for All is Fiction


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When Justice and Equality for All is Fiction
The United States now has a black President. Before the shouting begins about racial equality, however, one must realize that even as so-called Civil Rights and Affirmative Action legislation has made it punishable to be prejudiced, racial and gender prejudice still exists, and justice is not always colorblind. One can still find news stories and books written about the shadowy racial divide that continues to plague a nation supposedly dedicated to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all its citizens.
Ernest Gaines wrote about a mentally challenged black man sentenced to death: “The public defender, trying to get him off, called him a dumb animal….The jury, twelve white men good and...
The end:
.....ting as the inequality and injustice that continues to plagues African-Americans, especially in the South. Not many women, if any, have suffered the colossal indignities and inhumane treatment that Jefferson underwent in Gaines’ book.
Nevertheless, there are no bragging rights in 21st Century America that we are truly a nation of equals in opportunity and in how justice is meted out. As long as there are nooses in trees and lower pay than men for women doing equal jobs, we are a failure in providing dignity and fairness to all.
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