What we didn’t Know about Goat’s Milk


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What we didn’t Know about Goat’s Milk
Milk has made a number of headlines lately, and it has little to do with the usual milk from cows- even though there is a fear that the grass cows eat may be contaminated from the radiation fallout from Japan as well as residue from Chernobyl. First, there was Michelle Obama suggesting that breast feeding is healthier for the future growth of babies. Then, there is the news, surprising to many consumers, that goat’s milk actually may be healthier than milk from cows.
“Researchers have carried out a comparative study on the properties of goats' milk compared to those of cows' milk. They found reason to believe that goats' milk could help prevent diseases such as anemia and bone demineralization” (“Goats...
The end:
.....ll make the idea of drinking and using milk from goats an everyday healthy food habit. Some goat farmers are already preparing for that eventuality. So, don’t be surprised to find supermarket shelves featuring goat milk.
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