What it Meant to Elvis and America that he Became a Rich and Sexy Rock Star


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What it Meant to Elvis and America that he Became a Rich and Sexy Rock Star
Elvis Presley changed American culture by making more money and generating more fame than previous rock stars, and he did it all while developing what became known as the rock and roll lifestyle. Elvis was the first real rock star in terms of image and income and explosive popularity. He completely revolutionized the way a celebrity can be pressed in a wider realm of entertainment, having his song go to the top of the charts, his movies having no apparent importance except that he was in it, and tours to places and enormous venues. Of course, these things led to a level of wealth that was not associated with rock and roll. This essay will attempt to unpack what it...
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..... vulnerable to our hunger for wealth and love. Elvis is a kind of cautionary tale in that regard, as is rock music itself, a source of freedom that can kill the bearer, who gets swallowed up by the machine if he or she gets too close.
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