What is Wrong with Ontario Place?


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The beginning:
What is Wrong with Ontario Place?
The ensuing paper looks at what is wrong with Ontario Place and explores what is lacking and what is manifestly required if the facility is to recapture its former glory. The paper will, in addition to these matters, outline what this writer would do to turn things around and why he would focus on these specific modifications. Finally, the paper will contemplate why, and to what extent, a zoo and/or aquarium would be an acceptable addition that would generate much-needed revenues. In the end, the facility is struggling at present because it has lost its former novelty and must find new ways of attracting a new generation of patrons.
To get to the heart of the matter, Ontario Place is languishing, in part,...
The end:
.....onger holds the public’s imagination the way it did in the 1970s or 1980s. The only way to change this situation for the better is for the site to embrace a petting zoo and an aquarium where children can learn about the natural world (and Ontario Place was presumably always meant to underscore all that the Toronto waterfront had to offer) and where parents can find a reprieve from constantly hurtling from one attraction to the next.
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