What is the Value of Critical Thinking in Education?


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What is the Value of Critical Thinking in Education?
One of the enduring questions in humanity’s millennia-old debate over the processes and practice of education is what should be the optimal basis for an education system. Indeed, this debate weaves in and out of some of the classic texts of western civilization, as we can see when we note how thinkers of the modern era – such as John Dewey – reference with admiration the thoughts of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato on education (71). Given the profound influence of Plato in this debate, it may be argued that one of the primary educational issues is the question of the value of critical thinking in education. This essay will, in the course of referencing such thinkers as...
The end:
..... thinking only fosters discontent and meaningless philosophy. In the present day, while the anti-oppressive pedagogical approach of thinkers such as Freire appears dominant, it is important to reflect that this emphasis upon critical thinking is never unchallenged by the devotion to the status quo.
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