What is the Significance of the Fourth Dream


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What is the Significance of the Fourth Dream
Antonio’s fourth dream is rich with symbolic significance. In it, Antonio dreams that his three brothers make him rise out of bed and follow them. They take him “over the goat path, across the bridge, to the house of the sinful women” (70). Antonio’s brothers have taken him to Rosie’s, the local brothel. His brothers open up the door to the brother and tell Antonio to come inside with them. Antonio refuses to enter, saying that he cannot because he is going to be a priest and can not endure any impure thoughts. His two brothers go inside, and Antonio begs Andrew to stay outside with him. Andrew says that he will stay outside wiht his brother until he loses his innocence. Antonio thinks that...
The end:
.....hout the novel, but like the real world, he is able to offer no real consolation by the end of the novel. With Ultima’s death and the end of the book, we still do not have much of a resolution to many of the issues that Antionio was constantly trying to work through. His feelings about his future as a priest are as unknown and uncertain as are his feeling about how one can and should live and love in a world that is filled with so much hate and anger. The author offers no real answers to how Antonio ultimately navigates through his mixture of White, Mexican, and Native American cultures, or for that matter if he ever even does. This conclusion allows the reader to make their own ideas about what direction the rest of Antonio’s life will go.