What is the Impact of Tobacco Farmers on the United States Economy?


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What is the Impact of Tobacco Farmers on the United States Economy?
As noted by Ferguson, the beginning of the tobacco industry in the United States was only made possible through the advent of slavery and indentured labor. Although Ferguson condemns the idea of these practices, as expected, he argues that the British, were able to use them to enforce empirical control over labor within the tobacco industry which allowed their colonies to operate more financially successful. Over time this ended up leading to extensive economic growth. During the period of the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century, Ferguson writes, the British empire's role was to supply commodities such as tobacco, as well as coffee, sugar and spices to their...
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..... revenues in these states which will end up having an effect on the ability of the government to provide needed social services. While over the long term this shift away from a product that causes adverse externalities is warranted, in the short term the economy will suffer.
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