What is the Ideal for American Families Today?


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What is the Ideal for American Families Today?
In her essay, “What We Really Miss About the 1950s,” Stephanie
argues that while many people feel nostalgic about the decade of the 1950s in American culture, they don’t actually want to return to that decade to experience that time period once again.
herself seems not to want to go back to the 1950s, and she points out many reasons as to why it might not be the ideal many people think it was: racial, ethnic, and gender discrimination was very common, cities became poorer as white middle-class families moved out to the suburbs, individualism was frowned upon, and the dominant culture pretended that there was little social strife. At the same time,
does point out some of...
The end:
.....system. These people were pushed to the side while white, wealthy men and their families were able to assert themselves as the ideal players in the “American Dream.”
provides a good analysis of the
decade that was the 1950s. She respects Americans’ feelings of nostalgia for the time period in which family was valued and the world seemed uncomplicated, while also presenting the decade in a way that shows that it was not always the ideal for all Americans that it has come to be known for. The twenty-first century might be a much harder time to live in for many reasons, but it is also freer for more people and more enjoyable in many ways.
, Stephanie. “What We Really Miss About the 1950s,” 1997.