What is Social Science?


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The beginning:
What is social science?
The paper that follows answers a few key questions that need to be answered. They are as follows: what is social science? What are it main concerns? How does it make sense of the world? How is it useful for everyday life? How does an individual relate to society? We may conclude that social science is fundamentally the process by which scholars apply quantitative and qualitative methodologies to the difficult task of making sense of human societies; it is intimately concerned with how we can make society better than it is at present and how we can overcome certain challenges and persistent difficulties. Overall, social science is useful for everyday life because social science allows us to understand ourselves and...
The end:
..... of the interplay between different factors or variables in creating the fabric of a civilization. If there were no social science, many of the problems that exist in our world could not possibly be explored and tackled.
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