What is Entrepreneurship in our Contemporary World?


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What is Entrepreneurship in our Contemporary World?
This paper is an attempt to define entrepreneurship in the contemporary world by using a minimum of five papers from academically-oriented business journals; the papers utilized have all been published in the past 10 years (since 2000). The paper shall summarize and compare/contrast the major findings and then conclude with what we have learned from all of them. In the end, what we find is that entrepreneurship is the ability to identify unmet needs in society, to create products that service those needs, and to use creativity and innovation to keep consumers happy and to ensure that the products in question keep evolving to meet new needs and wants.
Fernandez-Kelly and Konczal suggest...
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.....me controversies in entrepreneurship training in vocational training contexts: entrepreneurship training is included into the list of general competences in the standards of vocational training; however entrepreneurship is not mentioned at all in teaching programs, for which vocational education institutions are responsible. It just shows that programs are arranged not always according to the requirements of standards and should be corrected. 3. General competences and entrepreneurship usually are trained during theoretical teaching classes, although the results of research and strategic education documents recommend training of general competences through practical activity and active teaching methods. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]; (AN 32514445)