What is an Educated Person?


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What is an Educated Person?
Mahmoud Mehrmohammadi’s “Theory of Question Oriented Education” (QOE) comes as close to defining my idea of an educated person as any of the theories studied in our readings. I agree with Mehrmohammadi that an educated person is one who has “the ability to generate thoughtful questions” The ideas of several other educators help explain the phrase “thoughtful questions” (Mehrmohammadi, 2004).
This phrase is best explained by illustrating what thoughtful questions are not. They are not what Whitehead called “inert knowledge” nor what he describes as tools for “sharpening” the mind for some future task. I agree with Whitehead that knowledge, in this case ‘thoughtful questions,’ involve the application of learning...
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..... daily to express human feelings, aspirations and goals.
Barrows provides a lens through which we can view almost any justification for teaching a particular content area. While he identifies some philosophical weaknesses of the reasoning the BC Ministry of Education uses to justify its curriculum, he also provides a method by which the content of BC’s English Language Arts curriculum can be justified.
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