What is a Person? An Exploration into What Constitutes a Person through Time


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What is a Person? An Exploration into What Constitutes a Person through Time
In seeking to understand what, if anything, actually constitutes a person, as well as what constitutes the persistence of persons through time, author Bernard Williams outlines his ideas through a discussion of hypothetical experiments designed to both stimulate thought as well as reflection on what it actually means to connect the “I” with the body. While Williams goes to great lengths to answer this question, he employs some ghoulish examples, fixating on the idea of torture and grievous bodily harm in myriad his examples and scenarios. In any event, he presents a compelling case for demonstrating and understanding what exactly constitutes a person and presents...
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..... mind, but they are also made up of an idea which suggests they exist – one which will allow them to imagine a myriad scenarios for which they will face terrible fear at the prospect of harming coming to themselves – even when this representation of themselves lacks any direct bearing on who they actually are in terms of their memories, experiences, thoughts, feelings or emotions. This discussion is valuable toward helping inform our perception of the self
the larger world, as well as what actually makes a person and why we should be concerned with such an investigation.
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