What Does it Mean to be a Real American?


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The beginning:
What Does it Mean to be a Real American?
What it means to me to be a real American is the ability and the desire to do the right thing no matter how it feels. Americans are so successful because they play by the rules and still come out a winner. Of course, since the George W. Bush Administration, when torture became an acceptable warfare tactic, America has lost its identity. I am not saying that Bush is to blame; what I am saying is that he became the poster child of a lacks moral standard that plagues Americans today. Somewhere between the assignation of JFK and the Bush Administration, Americans forgot the principles that the nation was built on. What can be said about Bush is that he recognized that what it meant to be a real American...
The end:
.....n do for your country” (“John F. Kennedy Quotes”).
What can the born and natural citizens of the United States do for the country? What can be done is to take pride in being a real American once again. Step out of the fear and stand up for what it once meant to be a real American. A real legalized American.
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