What Causes Nightmares?


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What Causes Nightmares?
This paper shall look at the subject of nightmares and looks at the causes and propose strategies to combat them.
Nightmares and the Dream State
A dream is classified as the recall of mental activity that occurs during sleep. Some dreams may turn into nightmares during the non-rapid eye movement (REM) stages of sleep. REM sleep is associated with higher levels of brain activity, more rapid eye movements and suppressed voluntary motor activity. Nightmares visit just about every person at one time or another during REM sleep periods. A nightmare is typically acknowledged as a distressing dream that will often cause a startled awakening as a means of escape. An individual in their dream state can feel numerous...
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.....fering from PTSD, group therapy and drug treatment are often the best way to turn around this problem. For others who suffer from health problems or substance abuse, taking better care of one’s body will directly lead to fewer nightmares.
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