What Caused the End of Apartheid in South Africa?


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The beginning:
Africana Studies: What Caused the End of Apartheid in South Africa?
This paper looks at the end of apartheid in South Africa and outlines what factors led to its demise. The first major factor is that people – especially business – stopped believing in apartheid because apartheid was hurting them (via sanctions and via slower economic growth) and lowering their standard of living. Whites became disenchanted with the problems associated with apartheid and businesses began to lead the drum beat against apartheid because it was stifling their profits and reducing their ability to find an adequate pool of workers. Finally, students were hugely important because they challenged apartheid, mocked the government, highlighted the injustices of...
The end:
.....e situation in South Africa tells us is that people will act out against bad policies if a spark is light and a public debate is kindled; in South Africa, the universities served as those places and the university students served as the men and women who decided that the old system had to fall for the sake of South Africa.
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