What are the Modern Roots of the Modern Conservative Movement


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What are the Modern Roots of the Modern Conservative Movement
The modern conservative movement has become a powerful force in American politics. What are the modern roots of this movement, and what does its emergence say about American history over the past sixty years?
Lee Edwards, Ph.D. defines American conservatism as a form of “ordered liberty” (2) which is achieved through a blending of “community and the individual, of individual freedom and…responsibility, of limited government and unlimited markets” (2). Kirk (1953) described the basic tenants of this modern conservative movement as including a divine intent, the use of personal conscience, and the need for a civilized society to...
The end:
.....t growth pattern except an ideology against communism. But since the end of the Cold War it could be argued that the conservatives don’t have an external enemy to rally against, and that could be why the party is now being seen as spiteful and spoilt and behaving like adolescents.
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