Weekly Reflections


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Weekly Reflections
Week 1: Reflection on Martin
In J. R. Martin’s article “The Ideal of the Educated Person,” Martin takes issue with the commonly accepted ideal of what constitutes an educated person. She shows convincingly that the ideal is seriously limited, and relates this to gender issues. She somewhat generously infers that R. S. Peters was writing of educated people, despite the fact that he consistently referred to the educated man. However, she shows how Peters’s concept incorporated only masculine-identified notions and ideals, while ignoring completely feminine-identified notions and ideals – so that his educated person “coincides with our cultural stereotype of a male human being” (5). This, she points out, not only does harm...
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.....le to true democracy is contempt for ordinary people. He states that many of us believe that dominance is natural, and therefore we are content for the majority of ordinary people to be dominated. I have to say I am confused about which side I am on here, and what Bai's assumptions are. Does she think that she and her readers are all part of the dominant minority? If so, she is wrong – I am sure I am not part of this minority. On the other hand, she reminds us of an important caveat – do not assume that “someone else” is oppressing the people, for it may be possible that we are ourselves complicit in the oppression. Bai warns us to treat people who dominate with contempt, rather than respect – and this is a good rule to remember, I believe.