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Website Review: The Province
This web site examined in this article is the web site of The Province, one of Vancouver’s most conservative newspapers. The focus of the site reviewed is an article by Kent Spencer on the strike in 2009 by Vancouver paramedics and HandyDART drivers. The article clearly frames this labour issue in terms of Martin’s five frames – while it purports to be an objective report, it is so firmly rooted in this perspective that the striking workers are in fact portrayed in a very negative light. The intended audience is clearly the general public, who will probably react to this article with a feeling of righteous indignation against the striking workers.
According to Martin, five main themes organize the thinking of...
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.....t now employs them.
To me, this is the bright light in modern discourse: despite the fact that the traditional media is caught in the stranglehold of perceptions such as those outlined in Martin’s five frames, the emerging reality is that technology is facilitating a public discourse that makes possible a more meaningful discourse and the dissemination of alternative ideas.
Martin, Christopher R. Framed! Labor and the Corporate Media. ILR Press, 2004.
Spencer, Kent. “HandyDART drivers set up pickets in dispute with TransLink contractor. Company cancels normal operations.” The Province. 2 November 2009. Retrieved from