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Website Critique
When a patient is newly diagnosed with a chronic illness such as coronary artery disease, the diagnosis always causes a major impact. As well as attempting to understand their illness, the person needs to define its meaning in their life because chronic illness is life-changing and a shifting process (Patterson, 2001). The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (2009) ( website is the most likely choice for information because its title is in the form of the question: What is coronary artery disease? Under the title the topics to be addressed include risks, symptoms, diagnosis, prevention, and treatments. The site will be evaluated according to...
The end: the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (2009) and the National Institutes of Health is an excellent source of information. The information presented is subjected to peer review and all studies are conducted by the National Institutes of Health. The site is easy to navigate, the content is trustworthy, and the patient need not be concerned about security issues.
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