WebMD Internet Based Health Information Services


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WebMD Internet Based Health Information Services
The internet is one of the fastest growing communication networks that transfer data and information globally, replacing many functions of our libraries, retail stores, churches and even our health resources. WebMD is one of the most popular internet based health information services. This health portal provides a variety of information including articles on diseases, information on medications and physician blogs. I selected this site because of its popularity with non-medical population. It is considered to be the leading health portal in the United States and they have a magazine with a large readership. This health portal covers a wide variety of conditions and is the source of health...
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.....advertisements can be a distraction have also helped some users to find some other products online. This has been a byproduct of the site and has increased the revenue needed to be generated. Many physicians are interested in providing free service through the blogs and have enabled them to provide voluntary services to the public. The site serves its purpose, to provide the health information and a forum to discuss health issue.
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