Web Review: The Privatization of Public Services


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Web Review: The Privatization of Public Services
The privatization of public services has become an important element of public policy that began in earnest over the last thirty years. With the anti-tax revolts of the late nineteen seventies and the ascendance of Ronald Reagan in the nineteen eighties, public services were gradually shifted to private companies. This shift from public funding to private commerce raises a number of troubling questions of how to adequately address the health and safety concerns of citizens without compromising the quality of civic life through the reductionist profit motives of private contractors. There are a number of websites that focus on this issue with varying degrees of success. Some, like the Urban...
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..... the subject of private-public partnerships, detailing why these partnerships are so often failures, allowing private contractors to loot public assets while taxpayers end up footing the bill for construction costs because of higher interest rates imposed on private contractors.
These websites are just a few of the range of offerings online that discuss the issue of privatization of public services and its impact on public policy. The most informative of the lot are clearly the Urban Habitat, the Urban Institute and the Ludwig Von Mises Institute. The depth of offerings they have on display is extraordinary. Using these websites a researcher will have a wealth of information at their fingertips that offers a look at both sides of the issue.