Weaknesses in Police Foundations Program


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Excerpts from the Paper

The beginning:
Weaknesses in Police Foundations Program
To: Dean of School of Social and Community Services
From: student member of college curriculum review committee
Date: 1 April, 2011
Subject: Weaknesses in police foundations program
The following report is an examination of some weaknesses that currently exist in the Police Foundations program at Humber College. To begin with, we must note that Humber College offers specialized training to young officers who are looking to become meaningful and impactful contributors to law enforcement in Ontario. Students are given real-life work experience and are given extensive co-operative opportunities; they also have the option of pursuing public and private sector career...
The end:
....., then we need to find new ways of shifting the curriculum so that specific problem knowledge areas are reinforced in the minds of students. Furthermore, we must look carefully at areas of repetition or duplication in the program because those areas can be filled with more appropriate courses. If such measures are pursued, the current concerns that have been voiced can be quickly silenced.
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