Waterhouse’s Article on Autism


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Waterhouse's Article on Autism
In the article “Autism Overflows: Increasing Prevalence and Proliferating Theories,” Waterhouse examines the increasing prevalence of autism, and interrogates the current scientific endeavour to account for the syndrome and explain its causes. The topic of autism is of importance because autism appears to be a rapidly growing syndrome, demanding more and more resources from the state, and presenting a growing legion of parents with daunting challenges. Moreover, as children never “grow out” of autism, its increasing prevalence threatens to put excessive demands on the state in the future, after the affected children’s parents have died. For low-functioning autistic people, it will be necessary to graduate to...
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.....rhouse’s article is a solid and interesting contribution to the debate on the causes of autism. Her suggestion of a new paradigm is a useful one that could avoid the current degeneracy of the field, and perhaps make possible a more constructive approach. Her argument that current autism research is not progressive seems to be sound, and therefore her conclusion that a new paradigm is warranted should be carefully considered – it may well lead to more fruitful future research. Such future research should focus, as Waterhouse suggest, on exploring individual variation patterns in the expression of autism.
Waterhouse, Lynn. “Autism Overflows: Increasing Prevalence and Proliferating Theories.” Neuropsycholog Rev, 18, 2008: 273-286.