War, Metaphor, and More


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English 123
7 April 2010
War, Metaphor, and More
Kevin Powers wrote the poem “Letter Composed During a Lull in the Fighting” which utilized the theme of war and examined it with a structuralist perspective using love as the opposition. In the poem, the narrator described how his experience in war compared with his love for his love. In line 1, the narrator stated: “I tell her I love her like not killing.” The simile utilized in this case was comparing the concept of love to the concept of not killing. The brutality of war is unveiled in this one line. Killing is the ultimate act in which one man can take the life of another. The narrator utilized this literary component to...
The end:
.....g manner linguistically actually helped to illustrate the opposite quality of the magnitude of bullets and the harm they do. As the context of this line was based on the perspective of soldiers as mere killing machines, the effect of the use of metonymy was powerful indeed.
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