War and Peace in the Middle East


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War and Peace in the Middle East
Many issues make the Middle East one of the most complex and interesting regions in the world today. The continued conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is one of the most complicated and frustrating international relations problems in the Middle East today. Academics on both sides of the debate provide extensive arguments about why the peace process has failed. Both sides claim that the aggression of their opponents has foiled any hopes of finding peace.
Two readings that deal with this debate are “What Went Wrong?” by Jerome Slater and “The Rise and Fall of the Oslo Peace Process” by Avi Shlaim. Both authors argue that the Israelis are at fault for the failure of the peace process. Although both...
The end:
.....made real compromise highly unlikely.
Essay Questions
Question 1:
The negotiation process between Israel and Palestine is very asymmetrical. Is it possible to achieve positive results from negotiations when there is such a power imbalance?
Question 2:
Both Israel and the Palestinians have claims on the territory now known as Israel. Israel’s is based on biblical traditions and western decrees. The Palestinian claim is based on 1300 years of occupation? Who has the stronger claim?
Shlaim, Avi, “The Rise and Fall of the Oslo Peace Process” in
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Slater, Jerome, “What Went Wrong?” in Political Science
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