Walt Disney and Cultural Imperialism


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The beginning:
Walt Disney and Cultural Imperialism
The power of American culture is sometimes hard for people living within the United States to understand. To us, American culture is our culture. But, for the rest of the world, the pervasive and omnipresent effects of America’s cultural dominance can have a lasting and dramatic impact on their society. Just like the physical and geo-political domination of third-world and underdeveloped countries by European powers during the age of imperialism, western culture has proceeded to achieve the same thing in our modern moment. This domination and influence of American culture is now referred to as “cultural imperialism”. This essay posits that American culture is on a path to conquer the cultural world....
The end:
..... not going to disappear any time soon, so understanding how it works and what can be done to minimize its effects is essential in the years to come.
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Describes the presence of cultural imperialism in Kabul, Afghanistan.